It’s all in a name

If ever I needed proof that I am a first class procrastinator, this blog is it. After spending a short while toying with what I should call this little area of cyberspace, and coming up with multiple topics I could post about, I have (until now) managed to not post a darn thing. And now, when I have a pressing deadline career-wise, I find myself sitting here merrily typing away.

I love food – and I particularly love to bake. I also love to picture myself clutter-free and well organised. And I love a good pun. That’s how I came up with the ridiculous title for this blog; If only I spent a-trifle-longer on finishing things off, rather than browsing the Internet, or day dreaming aimlessly, I would achieve that little image of perfection – like the ones you see in home-y magazines and on lifestyle blogs. Of course, having walked this earth for a good 24 years, I know that primarily I’m best at procrastinating, and as such I shall muddle my way through various topics on here whilst I have other things pressing, and visa versa.

Lost already? Stick with me and it’ll all become a little clearer in the days and weeks to follow.


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