Lost at sea

I’ve always been one of those people with plenty of ability, but no real direction in which to apply it. I remember having the feeling of being lost at sea when I was at high school, but in calm waters. Everyone I knew knew which subjects to pick, which grades they needed to get, which career they wanted to take. I, however, liked all subjects (other than German and music – not my forté), always had good grades, but had no idea where/how to apply them. “Make an appointment with the careers advisor”. Dutifully, I did just that. What did I learn from the meeting? I learned that careers advisors needed to get new jobs. Why on earth anyone thought a 30minute chat with a total stranger would map out the rest of my life was beyond me – and clearly them too. One of said advisors got me to to answer numerous multiple choice questions in order to identify a ‘field of common interest’ for me, which would subsequently denote a career pathway. What did I come out with at the end of it? “you’d be most suited to a career in wig making or accountancy”. Thanks for that, it’s what every fourteen year old girl dreams of.

The point of this anecdote? I found myself with that same feeling today. I now have a career that I love, that involves lots of critical thinking and quick decision making (which I should probably spend atriflelonger revising) and yet when I found myself with a couple of hours to spare on a overcast, autumnal day I couldn’t decide what to do with it! I had my sewing machine set up on the kitchen table, and I had plenty of smallish pieces of colourful fabrics, with numerous ideas of what I could make; but instead I pondered all afternoon at various projects online until I hadn’t enough time to do any of them. Classic Jennifer.

I did find some rather lovely blogs though; my favourite find had to be how about orange . It had so many wonderful makes, all of which looked good quality, but achievable to even the novice sewer (that’s me).

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll actually make it to stitching. The possibilities are endless…


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