And so to Morocco…

Over two weeks has passed since my last rambling. I’ve worked. I’ve shopped. I’ve cleaned. I’ve (semi) packed. I’m (semi) ready to go on holiday tomorrow!

Technically, said holiday could be called a Honeymoon; I have been married for little over a year now, but due to work commitments and a lack of time we never had a honeymoon. It’s not going to be your average, sickly-romantic affair though, oh no! We’re off the hectic hustle of Marrakech for a week. We have no plans other than to explore, and hope to do a trip into the Atlas mountains. It’s just me, the husband, and week to absorb the magic of the medina. Part of me is a little apprehensive about our choice of destination; it’s a very conservative Muslim country so flesh on show is not welcomed (not that I ever have much on show, but in 30 degree heat a pair of shorts would’ve been nice), and there’s no beach. We’ve got a teeny tiny pool at the Riad in which we are staying which I have no doubt will become our sanctuary when we want escape the chaos of the city and the souks; but no beach to spend a few days aimlessly sunbathing on. On the other hand, I’m really excited about visiting such a different place; just the thought alone makes me feel alive. And when I described it as unromantic, I suppose the notion of my husband and I visiting somewhere foreign to us, where we can explore and experience new things together, is in itself romantic. Who am I kidding; it’s hot, it’s intense, and it’s hectic.

So why on earth did we chose to go there? Food for starters (oo, good pun jen). Moroccan tagines, couscous, minted tea, flat breads with Harissa, cakes, spices, cinnamon. Get. Me. To. The. Plane. Now. (Just google “Moroccan food” and youll be hungry) Aside from food, it’s great to barter for leather good, woven goods, bags, shoes. There’s a history; it’s not a place about tourism, it’s a place with tourism and a whole lot more. I hate this phrase, but its got culture. (everywhere has culture, that’s obvious, but you know what I mean – that drenched-in-history kind of a feel).

And so to Marrakech! Let’s just hope The Husband doesn’t trade me in for a camel…

On a side note, my current favourite blog is C&C this girl is awesome! Be sure to check her out for tips on up-cycling and clothes making. I love her.


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